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--- Quote from: christopherh on April 03, 2017, 12:02:40 AM ---Re-entry - a player busts out of a tournament and purchases a new complete stack in accordance to Rule #7 of the TDA Rules (or similar when using custom rules)

--- End quote ---
This player acts a NEW player in the tournament (i.e. the number of players entered increases). Since he got up from the table he is normally reseated at another table (or have to wait for an available seat in case of alternates) and must abide by the NEW PLAYER TO THE TABLE rules of play (i.e. Should he bust on his BB an is reseated at the SAME SEAT the hand after, he cannot play the SB, he has to wait for the button to pass.)
Administration fees will be collected again for this player.

--- Quote from: christopherh on April 03, 2017, 12:02:40 AM ---Re-buy - When a player is still in the tournament/game and has less than the starting stack (but still in the tournament) can purchase additional chips, or in the event of a cash game they can add to their stack provided it is within the minimum and maximum buy-in limits.

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Actually the "less than the starting stack" rule is "local" in nature, some tournaments do require a player to lose all his/her chips in order to make a rebuy. A rebuying player cannot miss a hand unless specify by another house rule. Administration fees are normally waived on rebuys (i.e. in a 50$ + 10$ tournament, the rebuy is normally 50$). The number of entered player in the tournament does not increase when a player rebuys (This changes the way purses are calculated)

Rebuys and Re-Entries DO NOT apply to cash games.


Corey Cooper:
Great info Lafrog.  So, does that mean one could implement a re-entry (aside from the fact that it would not increase the number of players in the tournament) by simply creating a rebuy that does not include any rakes/fees, and force the player to take a new seat?

Hi Corey,

of course you could, however if your purses are calculated based on the number of entries than your players have ground to feel being cheated out of money...

* 49 entrants + 12 rebuys normally produce 5 purses.

* 49 entrants + 12 re-entries would normally produce 7 purses.
When i run re-entry tournaments I have my SCREEN display the "number of entries" as (entries + rebuys) and set the purses accordingly.

Before that we simply created duplicate entry of our players as needed (i.e. Player Name and Player Name #2)


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