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What do you use for trophies?

This is the first year of our league.  At each tournament, I gave the winner a black silicone bracelet (think Lance Armstrong bracelet) that had the four suits and ALL IN on it.  For the championship next week, I have had a titanium bracelet made featuring our logo.

I got it from IronDog Industries, and was $19 USD.  These guys were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Post your favorite trophy ideas and links!

Here's the info on the silicone bracelets I use:

$0.69 each!

just got this for this year's champion.  It's not cheap but definitely worth it, esp. since you can use it as a marker.  It came in better looking than I expected; the picture does not do it justice.

$45 shipped.  I just took the money out of the 1st place prize for the Championship game.

It's pure Silver, so it's not only a great trophy/card marker, but it is actually worth something.

Thanks moose

Cracking idea, I have ordered 25 sillicone ones and 1 metal 1.

Moose, pretty sweet bro. 

brenner, freakin awesome man!!!   i'm ordering one for my wife as POTY.

thanks guys.


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