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Kerry George DeVore:
Two Questions:  I have 5 players A B C D & E. Player A is dealer, place B small blind, Player C is big blind. Blinds are 100 200. Player D wants to start the betting with a raise to 300. Can he do this or must he bet 400 or more if he is raising?

Second question:  Same set up as above. But player D & E  folds. Can player A raise to 300 or must he go to 400 or more if he wants to raise?

Poker Tournament Directors Association rule book says it best: A raise must be at least equal to the largest prior bet or raise of the current betting round. The big blind is considered a full bet so the raise must be equal to that amount or more. In your example, a raise to a total of 400 or more.

Kerry George DeVore:
Quote" If the big blind is a full bet and a raise must be equal to or more of the full bet" isn't 300 equal to or more?

No, 300 would be equal to the pot at that point... in either scenario, the minimum raise is the previous bet, $200 added to the call amount, $200, for a total of $400.


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