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Hi all,

Don't know if this is already possible, if so I haven't found how, but I would like to have something that prevents overwriting some of my "default tournament"

Here is the scenario: We hold 5 leagues every week (mon-fri) each having their particularities. So I set up my five tournament files (lets call them masters) and each day, the current tournament director opens the corresponding master and start registering players. The problem here is that he should do a save-as FIRST (if I want my stats to be up-to-date). Well, you guessed it, they often forget to do the save as. I keep having to reset those masters week after week.

At the beginning I locked those files so that they couldn't be overwritten but if the director forgot to do the save as, TD would crash when attempting to save.

My request would be to add a new file type in TD (master) that would prompt the user to save the file on open (or give it a generic "number name" as we see in Word and Excel)
Also while we are at it, it would be even better if we could set a preference on how to name those master file upon openning (like: Season_League_Date, etc.)


Corey Cooper:
My suggestion would be what you've already done: create your templates and make them read-only.

--- Quote ---At the beginning I locked those files so that they couldn't be overwritten but if the director forgot to do the save as, TD would crash when attempting to save.
--- End quote ---

Crash, as in the whole application stops working and exits?  When I try to save over a file which is read-only, I just get a dialog that says:

Name: Error
Number: 10 - 70
Description: Permission denied
Message: Permission denied
at File.saveFile(String, String)
at saveTournament(String, Boolean)
at saveTournamentDialog()

From what I have been told/remember the program crashes after displaying the message...

But that notwithstanding, don't you think this "new file type" would make for a nice addition to your software?
I can't be the only one facing this scenario...


Corey Cooper:
It's an interesting idea, I admit.  I suppose an option could be to Save As Template, and when a [tournament] template is loaded, there is no option to Save, but only to Save As....  I'll give it some thought.

If it can help to solve that problem for now. I personally had that problem with assistant that was opening template and forget to save it in the date folder.

I simply decided to create all the folder for the month and the day in the month folder. Then i put a copy of the template in each of the day they belong too.

First of all i am sure every tournament are save where they are suppose to be saved (not loosing any tournament), it prevent the assistants from messing with the template, They are sure everything is perfect when they come in to run the tournament.

If you are using different league and use the stats Tab for your point, just make it the month folder and then the day folder, and all the dated tournament (date in the tittle) or every tournament in a folder with the date of the day. Our schedule is changing over month so its better for me like that but if it can help you!


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