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Corey Cooper:
Sadly no, and frankly I'm rather embarrassed at how long this has taken.  But I did finally finish the last "big" item for the next beta.  So I'm left with a number of smaller items, like this one, to dig into so it can finally be finished.

No worries, thanks for all of your efforts!

Corey Cooper:
Fixed.  Turns out this was unrelated to Windows 10 (or IE 11).  The Location control (the one where you select on which part of the screen you wish to display the message - top left, top center, top right, etc) was not updating when you switch between property sets.  So, for example, if you set your first property set to top-right, then move to the next property set, the selection will stay on the top-right.  If you then move to the next property set, the last property set will now have its location set to top-right.  It's all the more confusing because when you open the dialog, it will default to "center", even though it's now set to top-right.

Thanks for your patience!  Version 3.4.b2 will be out very soon.

Awesome news!!!  Looking forward to seeing b2... thanks again Corey!


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