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On Windows 10, using the beta build, my messages are acting strangely.  I fire an event when someone is knocked out that display a message that says "<Player> knocked out by <Hitman> and earns <points> points and <TotalWinnings>."  On Windows 7, using the beta, the messages behaved as expected.  Since upgrading to Windows 10, the message displays for one second off-center, then changes to be a column in the center of the screen.  I've tried changing the message properties to use smaller fonts, different positions, etc, to no avail.  I've sent a backup to you, Corey, if you could take a look.  Sorry, I was unable to get a screen shot, but if you load the 20150918 tournament, you should be able recreate the issue by starting the tournament and busting someone out on the tournament screen.


Corey Cooper:
I reproduced it with your help.  Thanks.  I will look into this as soon as I return.

Hey Corey, just curious if you found anything out about this?

Corey Cooper:
Unfortunately I haven't had any time to investigate it yet.  All of my TD time lately has been spent on the memory leak.  Since the leak has been there for some time (since at least version 3.1), I may have to abandon it soon if I can't make any better progress...

Hi Corey, just wanted to check in on this... have you been able to find a fix, or a workaround for this issue?


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