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Corey Cooper:
Thanks for the input.  I have seen where the application may "pause" or "stutter" during a screen transition, but I haven't seen keystrokes being lost.  Usually, the application will pause for a second, but any keys typed during that time will appear once the "pause" ends.

Silver Owl:
I can confirm the loss of keystrokes and mouse clicks. Windows 10, small 8 player tournament with screen transitions turned off.

This beta hasn't seen any movement in *quite* a while.  Announced in July of last year (2015) and last post on the topic was January of this year (2016).

What's shaking with the next update?

Corey Cooper:
I'll be the first to agree that this new version has taken quite a bit longer than planned.  However, in my defense, you're looking at the topic for beta 1.  Beta 2 was released in April of this year.  You can find it here:  (Also this topic was amended to include a link to beta 2).  Beta 3 is finally, actually, reaching "done".  I hope to complete it soon.


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