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Corey Cooper:
Version 3.4 is ready for beta testing.  This is the first beta for 3.4.  There are still features I want to add to this version, but I would like to get some feedback on what's ready now.

Standard beta testing disclaimer:
This is a BETA release of the software.  Beta means I am not aware of any bugs, but I'd like to get some more testing done before an official release.

If you plan to participate in the beta test, backup your data first.  This can never be stated too often.  The TD can do this for you, just press the "Backup" button on the Database tab and check all options.  You should do this whether you try a beta version or not.

Below is the relevant part of the changes.txt file.

Thank you again to everyone who will participate in this test release.  Please post or email any feedback you have.

Edit: 3.4 beta 1 has been superseded by 3.4 beta 2.  See

The Tournament Director 3.4 beta 1
Copyright (c) 2004 - 2015 Corey Cooper

Version 3.4 beta 1
New Features:
- Overhauled user interface code, which should result in fewer errors from IE
- Added preference for font size of Settings window and all dialogs (Preferences tab, Display section)
- Added Search feature to search for players on Players tab, Database tab, and Stats tab
- Added preference to allow for different player name formats for Game window and Settings window
- Changed "Increment by 1 in Simple mode" preference to "Prompt for player count when performing actions in Simple
  mode" and added sub-preference "Don't prompt for bust-out actions".  This allows returning to previous behavior of
  prompting for number of players to buy-in, rebuy, add-on, etc, while assuming only a single player when busting
  players out of the tournament (in Simple mode only).
- Increased number of places that record player movement in the tournament history (when that preference is enabled)
- Rename Columns dialogs updated to only show columns currently configured for display
- Added ability to limit the number of players displayed on the Stats tab
- Updated Export Layout to warn when images cannot be found on disk
- Added "minWinnings" attribute and [winnings] format to <inlineRankings> layout token
- Added <buyinFee> layout token
- Renamed some layout tokens for consistency: <startingChips> -> <buyinChips>, <buyinPoints> -> <pointsForBuyin>,
  <entries> -> <buyins>, <buyin> -> <buyinFee>.  Old token names will still work.
- Added "profileName" attribute to layout tokens <rebuyChips>, <rebuyFee>, <rebuyPoints>, <rebuyRake>, <rebuys>,
  <addonChips>, <addonFee>, <addonPoints>, <addonRake>, <addons>, <buyinChips>, <buyinFee>, <buyinPoints>,
  <buyinRake>, and <buyins>.
- Added "minPoints" attribute to <inlineRankings> layout token
- Updated "connector" attribute for <inlineRankings> layout token to allow for multiple connectors
- Added <image> layout token
- Added <currentdate> layout token
- Added "StartCountdown" <tdbutton> type
- Added "number" attribute to <nextbreak> token to allow specification of break #
- Added "Copy contents to all other Property Sets" feature on Cell dialog
- Added ability to move or delete multiple Screen Sets or multiple Screens on Screen Sets dialog
- Added "Swap" button on the Font dialog to swap the text and background colors
- Updated formula tooltips to show the value of the selected variable, and added a link to focus on the selected
- Added "WinCount" Overall Score variable (Stats)
- Settings window now sizes based on main display size, instead of 1024x768.
- Added "Preview" button to all exports, which displays the exported data in the default browser
- Updated Rounds spreadsheet mode so cursor left & right move between fields
- Updated Import Players Wizard for clarity
- Added buttons to Dashboard for Bust-out, Rebuy, Add-on, Add Players, and New Player
- Lots of other tweaks and improvements

Bugs Fixed:
- BUG (3.2): Rounding for "Average Hits" on Stats tab doesn't truncate to 2 digits past decimal point
- BUG (3.2): Clicking on the volume control track (above or below the slider) moves the slider randomly
- BUG (3.2): Chip images display via the <chips> layout token are left-aligned while the text is centered
- BUG (2.0): Error on Seating dialog when tables have been deleted.  Incorrect results when tables have been reordered.
- BUG (3.0): Error upon closing Hand Timer window
- BUG (3.3): Screen transitions preference and Tournament export preference overwrote each other (fixed in 3.3 patch 3)
- BUG (3.0): "Scan sub-folders" in Filter of Stats Profile not respected.  Refreshing stats always scans sub-folders
- BUG (3.2): Numerous bugs on Layout Conditions dialog
- BUG (2.2): Delete button is always enabled on HTML Styles dialog
- BUG (3.2): When "Remove Player from Tournament" (context menu) is selected and the player has already bought into the
  tournament, a confirmation dialog is presented before removing the player.  Even if the confirmation is canceled, the
  player is unseated.
- BUG: StatsGenie export uses 0 and 1, but should use 0 and -1
- BUG (3.2): Cheat Sheet button on Token Builder dialog closes the dialog
- BUG (3.2): Error when renaming a cell and the name of an existing cell is chosen
- BUG (3.3): Moving back and forth between Add Players and New Player adds "OK, repeat" buttons
- BUG (3.0): Pressing "List" on the Random Player dialog doesn't respect changes to criteria unless "Check" is pressed
- BUG (3.2): League membership isn't shown when editing a player on the Players tab
- BUG (3.0): File.getLastModified(...) error in several places
- BUG (3.3): "Invalid seat number" error when importing players even when option to seat players not bought-in to the
  tournament is disabled
- BUG (2.0): Chip adjustment accepts negative amounts but becomes positive upon reloading a tournament
- BUG (2.0): When dragging items in the Settings window, ESC key should cancel drag, not close Settings window
- BUG (3.0): Copying a banner creates another banner with the same name
- BUG (3.2): "Clear" buttons missing from Config Files dialog
- BUG (3.2): On New Tournament dialog, if 2nd option is the last one selected, then the default tournament is cleared
  on the Config Files dialog
- BUG (3.3): Error on Last Table Balance dialog if a player listed has since been removed from the tournament
- BUG (3.2): Issues on Quick Start Wizard
- BUG (3.3): Salesperson selection missing from Add-on and Undo Add-on dialogs in Simple mode
- BUG (3.2): "Save" button doesn't enable upon loading a tournament
- BUG (3.3): Default order is incorrect on Arrange sections dialog of Controls tab
- BUG (3.3): Shift-click broken on players dialogs of Stats Profile dialog
  - used for league and season selection for filter
- BUG (IE): In IE10+, select lists don't update properly, leaving previously selected items still highlighted
- BUG (3.3): Some rows listed on same row in Clear Tables dialoh
- BUG (2.0): Import Players Wizard limits columns to 30 (changed to 100)
- BUG (3.3.b2): Error when clicking "Show Settings window tab nagivation arrows" (fixed in 3.3 patch 2)
- BUG (3.3): Error when exporting tournament with no players in it (fixed in 3.3 patch 1)
- BUG (3.3): Error on Data Stores dialog (fixed in 3.3 patch 1)
- BUG (3.3): Preference "Continue where I left off" does not load last loaded tournament (fixed in 3.3 patch 1)
- BUG (3.0): Chip values aren't abbreviated on the Dashboard
- BUG (2.5): 'this.getElement(...)' error is various places
- BUG (3.2): Overall Scores formula (Stats) variable "topTenCounts" is implemented as "listTopTenCounts"
- BUG (3.3.b1): "Tournaments" section is empty on Stats Player dialog
- BUG (3.2): <pointsformula> token should not round values

Not working on my system. Loads straight to tournament mode instead of displaying settings window, but right-clicking on any screen or attempt to minimize fail--no close or minimize icons in upper right of screen. Closing window results in display of warning that auto-save is not enabled. Subsequent attempts to start application result in the nifty swirling arrow for 1 or 2 seconds and...nothing. Will troubleshoot as time allows and report back if I find a solution.

Corey Cooper:
Sounds like the Settings window may be opening off-screen.  Try starting it up and, when it seems like it should be done initializing (wait maybe 30 seconds after starting), press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12.  That will recenter all open windows onto the main display (and change the display preferences to open windows centered onto the main display).

Well, aren't you just the clever one? That seems to have resolved the problem.

Sorry but does one install and run the beta?

Since I have initiated/requested some of those changes, i kinda feel obligated to test them out?  ;)



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