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Hi all,

I was wondering how I can display a scrolling list of bust out players with their tournament points (if any)


32nd John Doe: 0 pts 31st Jane Doe: 120 pts 30th ...
This scrolling banner should automatically update itself when I bust out new players.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That certainly would be useful to me as well!

Corey Cooper:
<inlineRankings template="[ordinalrank] [player]: [points] pts" connector="&amp;nbsp;&amp;#8226;&amp;nbsp;">

Or, to make it scroll:

<marquee><inlineRankings template="[ordinalrank] [player]: [points] pts" connector="&amp;nbsp;&amp;#8226;&amp;nbsp;"></marquee>

Corey Cooper:
FYI, the connector part can just be connector=" ", but I changed the dot to the HTML entity representation, and the spaces to the HTML non-breaking space entity, and then it has to be encoded properly.  So the way I did it is a little more correct, arguably, but the simpler way will work, too:

<inlineRankings template="[ordinalrank] [player]: [points] pts" connector=" ">

Thanks Correy,

Is there a way to have a computed connector?

I would like to have 1 of four images displayed as connector (Spade, Heart, Club, Diamond)

Something like: <img src=".../pic & [ordinalrank] MOD 4 & ".png">

Am I pushing it?  ;)



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