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Is there a way to use antes/bring in/minimum bets instead of antes/small blind/big blind?  I would really like to be able to change the names of the catagories to make it easier for player to know what's going on.

As far as the minimum bets go, they're listed under the "rounds" tab as "Limit 1" and "Limit 2."  There isn't an option to list the bring-in though.  Although, you could work around that by changing the small blind cell to read "Bring in" and use the small blind column under the "rounds" tab as your bring in amount.

So, the antes/limits are easy, but the bring in seems to require a little more work.

Thanks for replying so quickly.  That seems like it might work for now.  I just downloaded 2.0 and I'm trying to get use to all the changes.  The software looks great so far and I can't wait till the next tournament to try it out.


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