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Hey Corey when do you think we will get some new tokens to use with the Status Updates feature? I would like to see the following:

1. Who has busted out
2. Who is still in
3. Who did a rebuy/addon
4. Prize/bounty winnings
5. points earned (not sure if this one is possible)
6. Time of bustout
7. Round out
8. Hitman
9. Title
9. Description



are already there. Token (rankings)

Ok I found the title token and the description token but I do not see the rankings token or the rankings data listed in the status updates file that is output from the data sent to my web server. Do I have an old file in the TD software folder that does not send the rankings info?


Corey Cooper:
It's still a to-do item.  :(

Just bumping this one as I would like to show who's out and who's in as well. And maybe even points awarded? I'm guessing points aren't calculated until the tournament is over though so it can't be done.
Edit: Oh, and chipcount. For the league final table, we count and manually enter the chipcount per player during the break so it would be cool to show this as well.

Also, and this is the tiniest detail ever, in your TournamentStatus.js example you have big blind / small blind and it should be reversed. :)

--- Code: ---TDStatus.setValue("blinds", TDStatus.getChipsString(TDStatus.Vars["bigblind"]) + " / " + TDStatus.getChipsString(TDStatus.Vars["smallblind"]));

--- End code ---


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