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TD slowing/hanging and/or crashing

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Corey Cooper:
It's certainly possible many people will never experience this issue, whether it's because KB2962872 simply won't affect their system the same way, or because the conditions are just never exactly right for it to appear, or there are other variables that we aren't aware of.

My opinion: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Just be aware of the issue and how to resolve it should it occur.

same problem here, and that KBsh*t is not installed on my machine. TD is slowing down when i go to the database tab, and only on this tab.
Database to big?? i don't think so, i got 600 entry's
I also have been downgrade to IE9.

I want a decent solution, otherwise I have to go looking for another software, I'm sorry

TD was good ... a while ago


Corey Cooper:
No, 600 entries is not too big.  Doesn't sound like the issue you are seeing is the same as is being discussed in this thread.  Do you have the preference enabled to display all players in a single page on the Database tab?  If so, I'd recommend turning it off.  Let the Database tab display the players using pages.  Will go much faster.

What about your database location?  Is it on a shared drive, or local to the PC?

The players are now displayed on different pages. I'm going to test it and keep you informed.
My database is local on the PC.


Another 'gotcha' regarding the hanging/slowup for European users is thanks to the European Court!  >:(

Make sure you have removed the 'Browser Choice' KB976002, *AND* also make sure that its entry is completely removed from the scheduled tasks - the entry gets executed EVERY time an IE process is created.
From the Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools and select the TaskScheduler.
Remove the 'CreateChoiceProcessTask' entry.

I noticed this after suffering the slowdown/hangups, hitting CTRL-Alt-del and selecting the Task Manager showed the browser choice task being continually created/killed and taking upwards of 80% of the CPU.


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