Author Topic: Saved by Dropbox AGAIN!  (Read 1061 times)


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Saved by Dropbox AGAIN!
« on: March 04, 2014, 01:07:41 AM »
Maybe i have said this before, but it's a great idea to have your TD data folder in your dropbox.

Last weekend i did it again, I'm running a monthly game including 2 tournaments a night. (this night no 3 & 4)
In the stress to get the second one running i did not notice that i had loaded file no 4 in my first tournament.
so now when i loaded file no 4 again i did nor reflect over the data in it and reseted the tournament.

After tournament no 4 i was refreshing the stats and all data from no 3 was gone.
These tournaments are ranking based so having the stats is essential. (I'm counting knockouts, rebuys and have bounty's, so its not easy to recall all the actions if trying to replay the tournament from memory.

Thank god for dropbox, and the versions history there.
i had to go back 53 versions on the file before i found the one before reseting the previous one. (i use auto save)
But i found it and restored it and it saved me once again. (yes it was the second time i made the same misstake)

So i really recommend everyone that have internet connection on there TD computer to dropbox sync your data folder, it can be a real saver.