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Corey Cooper:
Well, I didn't really plan on a beta 2, but as usual I couldn't help but mess with things.  This will hopefully be a [very] short beta.

Standard beta testing disclaimer:
This is a BETA release of the software.  Beta means I am not aware of any bugs, but I'd like to get some more testing done before an official release.

If you plan to participate in the beta test, backup your data first.  This can never be stated too often.  The TD can do this for you, just press the "Backup" button on the Database tab and check all options.  You should do this whether you try a beta version or not.

Below is the relevant part of the changes.txt file.

Thank you again to everyone who will participate in this test release.  Please post or email any feedback you have.

Edit: Version 3.3 has been released, so this beta has now ended.  You can download version 3.3 from the main download page:

Version 3.3.b2 (beta release 2)
New Features:
- The Tournament Director and The Hendon Mob ( are now partners!  Completed tournaments
  can now be sent directly to The Hendon Mob website for inclusion in their poker database.
- Added preference "Allow override when add-on or rebuy period is over".  Disabling this preference prevents the
  add-on and rebuy dialogs from showing the "Override" option when the add-on or rebuy period is over.
- Added "Upon application start, continue where I left off" preference to automatically load the tournament that was
  loaded when the application was last exited
- Added "Display tournament filename first on title bar" preference
- Added "Load this tournament" to context menu on StatsPlayer dialog, for Income and Tournaments sections
- Updated Stats tab to allow personal information and Overall Score columns in Single Field view mode
- Updated Stats tab to use distinct (editable) columns in Single Field view mode
- Added Sum and Average columns and Average row for Single Field view mode on Stats tab
- Improved player sorting for player HTML exports.  Added sorting to Stats exports.
- Allow hiding and rearranging sections on Controls tab

Bugs Fixed:
- BUG (3.3.b1): Error setting all chip values on Set Chip Counts dialog
- BUG (3.3.b1): Adding a player to the tournament from the Database tab does not copy all player information correctly
- BUG (3.3.b1): Sorting by "Table Name" or "Seat Number" column doesn't work
- BUG (3.3.b1): Error when "Set from statistics" [Overall Score formula dialog] button pressed
- BUG (3.3.b1): Some file inputs render too wide
- BUG (3.2): 10s are 0-padded for various layout tokens using the format="HHMMSS" attribute
- BUG (3.2): The <clock> layout token description indicates that it uses the HHMMSS format but does not
- BUG (3.0): Column name doesn't render properly on Stats tab Single Field view mode for a tournament with no Event Name
- BUG (3.2): Tooltip tournament path incorrect (Stats tab View Player dialog)

"Upon application start, continue where I left off" not working for me. Still loads default tournament.

Refreshing stats no longer displays them on my pre-tournament screen.

Corey Cooper:

--- Quote ---"Upon application start, continue where I left off" not working for me. Still loads default tournament.
--- End quote ---

Hmmm... odd, I'm just not seeing that.  The default tournament is initialized first.  Then it looks for a tournament path passed on the command line.  If there is one, it loads it.  If not, it checks the last tournament loaded, and tries to load that one.

It's working for me, so ... I guess, is it possible you have a tournament path passed to the application on the command line?

--- Quote ---Refreshing stats no longer displays them on my pre-tournament screen.
--- End quote ---

Oh, excellent catch, thank you.  I made extensive changes to the Stats tab, and completely forgot about this layout token (I assume you're referring to the <stats> token).

No command line of which I am aware involved. And, yes, <stats> token is the culprit.

Corey Cooper:
Frustrating, because I can't make that happen.  I guess we'll see if anyone else has the same issue.

<stats> token is all fixed up.  Thanks again.


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