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Vanishing settings with Extended Display


Hi Corey,

I've just started "playing" with v3.3b1 and using an extended display.. all seems to work as advertised on the tin (game window on extended display and settings and dialogs etc on the main display  :)).
However, if I select any of the built-in screens (seating plan, rounds, player movement etc) for display on the game window, and then subsequently want to get back to the main tournament display by pressing F2 (tournament), the settings on the main display vanish giving an empty desktop  :( .. pressing F1 gets the settings back - is this expected behaviour? or am I being dumb and there is there a hidden setting somewhere which will persist the settings on the main screen when using extended displays? (or both of the former!!)

Stuart Murray:
IT's a feature built in for Single Display purposes, Goto:

Preferences > Display > Uncheck "Auto-Close Settings Window"

Corey Cooper:
It's behavior from pre-multi-monitor days.  You want to see the Player Rankings page?  Press the Player Rankings button and the main window switches to the Player Rankings screen and the Settings window moves out of your way (by closing).  The preference that Stuart correctly references is meant to allow you to change that behavior.

Cheers guys!  ;D


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