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no clue about this

Corey Cooper:
When cells are rendered on the Tournament screen, references to each cell are placed in a cache.  When the screen is updated, all the cells with references in the cache are updated.  This error is happening because a reference in the cache doesn't point to a cell.  Somehow.  When are you seeing this?  And do you see it consistently?

I was setting up Tokens & Banners when it pop-up...and as for as how many, just the once, but then again i shut it down after that...had to leave.

 Control tab, select screen stopped working, won't select

Corey Cooper:

--- Quote from: TIMMER on February 04, 2014, 07:30:33 PM --- Control tab, select screen stopped working, won't select

--- End quote ---

Interesting.  What I just discovered is that if you view the Controls tab, then go to the Layout tab and add or remove a screen, or load a layout with different screens, then go back to the Controls tab, the "Select screen:" input isn't updated.  I don't know if this is the same thing you're seeing.  Does it sound like it?

I think this is a caching issue that has probably been there for a long time.


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