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Corey Cooper:
Once again, I've decided to release the next version as a beta version first.  I just haven't had enough time to fully test it at this point, but I've received a lot of requests for it, so here it is in beta form.

Standard beta testing disclaimer:
This is a BETA release of the software.  Beta means I am not aware of any bugs, but I'd like to get some more testing done before an official release.

If you plan to participate in the beta test, backup your data first.  This can never be stated too often.  The TD can do this for you, just press the "Backup" button on the Database tab and check all options.  You should do this whether you try a beta version or not.

Below is the relevant part of the changes.txt file.

Thank you again to everyone who will participate in this test release.  Please post or email any feedback you have.

Edit: 3.3 beta 1 has been superceded by 3.3 beta 2.  See

The Tournament Director 3.3.b1 (beta release 1)
Copyright (c) 2004 - 2013 Corey Cooper

Version 3.3.b1 (beta release 1)
New Features:
- Added <tableCollapseOrder> layout token
- Added "showDescription" attribute to <prizes> layout token
- Added "startAt" attribute to <stats> layout token
- Added option to "Show only players that are still in" to Player Rankings screen
- Added a "Clone" button on the Cell dialog that copies the current Property Set as a new Property Set to other cells
- Added Ctrl+F (toggle Find) on Insert Token dialog
- Modified layout to use no opacity filter if the opacity is set to 0.  This is to work around an IE10 bug in which
  drop-shadows are missing for overlays.  IE10 has a bug that prevents more than one filter from rendering, so when the
  opacity filter is applied, the drop-shadow filter is no longer applied.  Still can't use both due to IE10 bug, but
  if the opacity is set to 0, then the opacity filter is not applied at all allowing the drop-shadow filter to display.
- Added a "pop-out" button allowing visible selection of Global Properties for a cell
- Updated "Reset Tournament" to allow leaving add-ons and rebuys in place
- Updated "Set from Tournament" button on formula dialogs to list player ranks
- Tournament History dialog now modeless
- Added "Last Played" column on the Stats tab (shows date of player's most recent tournament)
- Removed "Filtered" column from Stats Tournament Info dialogs.  Status column now gives better status: Invalid,
  Incomplete, Non-tracking, Omitted, Included
- Added formula functions that allow access to profile values: buyinProfileFee(), buyinProfileRake(),
  buyinProfileChips(), buyinProfilePoints(), rebuyProfileFee(), rebuyProfileRake(), rebuyProfileChips(),
  rebuyProfilePoints, addOnProfileFee(), addOnProfileRake(), addOnProfileChips(), addOnProfilePoints
- Added firstAnteRound, firstAnteAmount formula variables (indicating the first round in which antes are non-zero
  and the value of the ante in that round)
- Added levelDuration, nextLevelDuration formula variables
- Added "Quantity" to Add-on/Rebuy dialogs, allowing multiple add-on or rebuy purchases per-player at one time
- Added ID column to all player dialogs
- Significantly improved matching algorithm for player merging
- Added columns "Table Name" and "Seat Number" to the Players tab (in addition to "Seat" column)
- Added ability to import "Table Name" and "Seat Number" columns on Players Tab player import
- Updated player import wizard to remember last filename
- "Add Players to Tournament" and "New Player" dialogs more closely integrated.  Ability to switch back and forth
  between the two dialogs and keep buy-in sittings improved.  Already checked players remain checked until OK or Cancel
  press on the "Add Players to Tournament" dialog
- Updated the column chooser dialog to include the ability to save preferred column selections, and sort the list of
  available columns
- Updated Chip Counts dialog to display computed chip count, chip count based on manually entered chip counts, and
  the difference (deviation)
- Updated "Delete Database Players" dialog with feature that allows selection of players based on when they last
  played (using information on the Stats tab)
- Added ability to cache the database.  For those with large player databases, this may considerably speed up various
  player-related tasks.
- Allow Data Stores list to be sortable
- Updated startup code to rename (and thus preserve) preferences file if it is corrupt
- Added an option to the launcher that allows for concurrent instances to run
- Added built-in hotkey Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 that recenters all open dialogs onto the main display and changes the
  extended display preference so that all dialogs will now open on the main display (helpful when using the software
  after having your PC connected to an additional display and dialogs are opening off-screen)
- Added "Move to Extended Display", "Move and Size to Extended Display", and "Move to Main Display" buttons to the
- Added "Hide mini-clock" context menu option to all mini-clocks
- Added ability to have different templates for receipts for each transaction type (buy-in, rebuy, etc)
- Added <chips>, <points>, <fee> (same as <amount0>), and <bountyfee> (same as <amount1>) tokens to receipts
- Updated Simple mode bust-out and undo bust-out features to prompt for the number of players (instead of defaulting
  to a single bust-out or undo)

Bugs Fixed:
- BUG (3.2): Holding Shift while clicking checkboxes on player dialogs checks all players between clicked checkbox and
  last clicked checkbox, but was also checking players not visible
- BUG (3.2): Tournament History for undoing a buy-in with a bounty chip displayed "-1" instead of the bounty chip cost
- BUG (3.2): Can't load tournaments saved with version 1.x
- BUG (3.2): The Test Formula for Range dialog should not have a value in the "Difference" column of final row
- BUG (3.1): Player paging on Players, Database, and Stats tab can be incorrect (appear as if players are missing)
  with large numbers of players
- BUG (2.x): Importing players on Players tab doesn't set 'tournament modified' flag
- BUG (3.0): Column headers on Rounds, Prizes, Events, Chips, and Hotkey tabs don't reload on language change
- BUG (3.2): Tournaments Information dialog (on the Stats tab) sorts incorrectly
- BUG (3.2): Import of players doesn't import ID column (fixed in 3.2 patch 4 and 3.2.1 patch 3)
- BUG (2.3): Error occurs when a rake is selected for Single Field view mode on the Stats tab
- BUG (3.2): Underline not supported for Status column on Players tab
- BUG (3.2): Error occurs on built-in screens on some layouts saved with older versions of the software
- BUG (3.2): The <pointsforplaying> layout token should not round values (fixed in 3.2 patch 3 and 3.2.1 patch 3)
- BUG (3.2.1): An error can occur when the Help Dialog is opened (fixed in 3.2.1 patch 2)
- BUG (3.2): Buy-ins, rebuys, and add-ons cannot use negative Points values (fixed in 3.2 patch 2 and 3.2.1 patch 1)
- BUG (3.0): A change to the layout doesn't set the 'tournament modified' flag when the preference to save layouts with
  tournaments is enabled
- BUG (2.0): Buying a player in automatically sets his/her chip count to the number of chips received at buy-in instead
  of adding to his/her current chip count, when the "Automatically update players' chip counts" preference is enabled.
  This rendered the import of Chip Count (added in 3.2) useless since the subsequent buy-in wiped out the imported
  Chip Count.
- BUG (3.2): Preferences "Buy-in players now is checked by default", "Auto seat is checked by default", and
  "Paid in full is checked by default" are set by their respective checkboxes on the Add Players to
  Tournament and New Player dialogs but should not be (fixed in 3.2 patch 6 and 3.2.1 patch 6)
- BUG (3.2): Preferences "Auto seat is checked by default" and "Paid in full is checked by default" are set by their
  respective checkboxes on the Buy-in Players dialog but should not be (fixed in 3.2 patch 7 and 3.2.1 patch 7)
- BUG (3.2): "Sum" column listed as an available column for export on Stats tab, but shouldn't be
- BUG (3.2): Exporting to CSV can error if first column data is a number and column headers aren't included
- BUG (2.x): When the Screen Saver suppressor is enabled, focus can be removed from the Game window (which makes it
  appear that hotkeys aren't working) (fixed in 3.0 patch 19, 3.1 patch 8, 3.1.1 patch 8, 3.2 patch 5, and 3.2.1
  patch 5)
- BUG (all): When using IE10, hotkeys can temporarily stop working, until a mouse click on the Game window or Settings
  window.  (fixed in 3.0 patch 19, 3.1 patch 8, 3.1.1 patch 8, 3.2 patch 5, and 3.2.1 patch 5).  This is an IE10 bug
  and there may be other areas of the application that will need attention.
- BUG (all): When using IE10, screen changes in the Game window can cause focus to move to the Game window even if a
  dialog is open above it (fixed in 3.0 patch 20, 3.1 patch 9, 3.1.1 patch 9, 3.2 patch 6, and 3.2.1 patch 6,
  and 2.5.15)
- BUG (3.0): Error "EmailAddressesFormat is null or not an object" when exporting email addresses
- BUG (3.1): Backup doesn't include preferences file (fixed in 3.1 patch 8, 3.1. patch 8, 3.2 patch 5, and 3.2.1
  patch 5)
- BUG (3.0): Error if displaying Rake column (for 2nd or greater rakes) on Players or Stats tab, after removing rake
  from preferences
- BUG (3.2): Player dialogs can open with no players listed until the "Find" section is opened with Ctrl+F
- BUG (3.2): Changing the visual properties of hand timers only changes properties of one hand timer (if more than one
  hand timer window is currently open)

I'll take it for a test drive right after my next game so I have plenty of time in case I encounter any problems. Looking forward to it! Thanks, Corey.

Stuart Murray:
very impressed thus far, have ran 4 tournaments con-currently without issue, lots of features yet to tap into!


The Export \ Import is working really fine, importing a list of 60 players and having them popping at the seat right away save us lots of time. Now one single person can take care of 3 tournaments at the same time, witch allow us to be more on the floor.

In Layout i found a little glitch. When you go in properties / Build-in screen / Players movements screen and you change the picture of the background (same error for the other section like custom screen); When you press Ok , the image the button OK and the  are sliding to the right of the window (like the button was moving away from your mouse lol)  If you press it again at the new position it work. I was able to repeat it a couple time then it stopped.

The Database change has improve, good improved so far. took 2-3 sec to find one player instead of 4-5 sec, still slow but its a great improvement. This is on a database of 4900 players or so. I have to test it on a larger one. like 12k players.  The table Collapse order is working great. It does exactly what i was doing manually, for a long time now. Its great to not have to think about changing it every time we break a table.

Will come back on more option tested in the next days.

 I just got a little weird mistake, using the export of a player list and importing them into the tournament. Using the export /import  of a player list to build up the tournament, it required that your Database is empty. This way when you export a second time; let say when 12 more players registered, TD detect who is in and who is not by showing the list in red and black. If you are on your full Database, all name in your DB and Tournament will show red, witch kinda fuck you up lol

So the bug i found was by the end of the tournament when only 2-5 players are registering late in the tournament, i want to switch to the normal Database and enter the lasts players manually (instead of exporting from the other program, changing the file and importing it for only 1 player). So i change the Datastore for the full DB, then search for my player, as i use Database to find him and add to the tournament. he turn red as usual and has all his info (First, last, ID, Phone, City...), but when i go to the table i don't see the name in the unseat column, but in the player list he is there with all his info except the first name and last name. That's the only two field that get clear in this process. To work around for now i simply use new player in Players Tab or i just fill the field manually.

P.S.: I have another little one but yet able to reproduce. My prizes showed at $0 for each prizes. But when i checked the Prizes Tab everything was alright. i just force the automatic and it get fix on the layout. I will try to make the bug appear again to know how it happen.


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