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Printer error
« on: September 16, 2013, 02:56:51 PM »
I think i found a little glitch in the printer set up. Today by computer guy install a new printer at the cage, he link the new one with all the tourney computer we use.

The Tournament Director was not able to print out the prizes on the receipt printer (TM-T88V) using export in the Prizes tab.
In fact the receipt printer was printing a little piece of white paper. like a half inch. But when saving he export of printing it on a big printer, it was all fine.
It was also working properly for other print / export like the player movement. After some search on the problem. It appear that the files are fine, printer too and the set up on the internet page also.
The problem was only that Receipt printer has to be set by default to be able to print the prizes on the receipt printer. If the big printer is set by default and you press export / print, you have the option to select your printer and you select the receipt printer, it gave you the problem i just describe.

All computer have been set by default to the receipts printer since its what we use the most, and its not a problem for us. I was just letting you know about this little problem.