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Running tournaments with league and non league players

I assign points in my tournaments as follows: 1 Point for buying in, and additional 5 points for placing first, 3 for second, 2 for third. If the player does not pay the extra $5 per tournament they do not qualify for the points. Is there a way to keep track of the points for the league players only, and eliminate or not assign points for the non-league players? I currently give 1 point for buying in, and the assign points with the ranked finishes. I would like to give league players points as they buyin and place accordingly, and not have to give the non-league players points. Is this possible?  This software is great, very easy to make up your own look and set up how it works best for you!

Hmm . . . other than setting up manual prizes in the prize tab and awarding them to specific players, I don't think it's possible to seperate out the non-league players and not assign them points using the "Points for Playing" option.  I know the "stats" tab can compile all the stats and filter out your non-leage players, but the tournaments will still give the non-leage players points, leaving you exactly with what you don't want.

Corey Cooper:
Tim is correct.  Within a tournament itself, there is no way to distinguish a league player from a non-league player, as far as points go.  Actually, the only distinction that can be made is between players who are in your database and those that are not, but that distinction can't be determined by the points formulas, etc.  League membership cannot be determined.

When stats are run, stat are only collected for players in your database.  So, in this way, all points collected by non-database players are discarded.  Don't know if that helps you any...


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