Author Topic: Staggered Tournament Tables?  (Read 1009 times)


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Staggered Tournament Tables?
« on: October 17, 2006, 10:29:32 AM »
I'd like to run a tournament with 60 players using 2 tournament tables.  Is there an option in TD to handle this type of a setup?

So it would run 3 20-min rounds (1 hour) for the first 20 players, then 1 hour for the 2nd 20 players, then 1 hour for the 3rd set of players.

After that, it would consolidate down to 4 or 5 tables and continue to stagger the rounds until there were 20 players or less, then the tournament could run normally.

I think I know how to do it manually.  Just assign all the seating, and handle all the table changes manually.  (Do the balancing myself so that it doesn't balance a player from one group into another group that isn't currently playing.)  Then I'd just keep backing up the round timer to where it needed to be.  It would be a little tricky, but that might be the only way to do it if the software doesn't support the feature.

The WSOP main event was run using only 200 tables for 8000 players, so I guess it not such an unusual situation.  But can TD do it??


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Re: Staggered Tournament Tables?
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2006, 04:22:28 PM »
It is definitely unusual.  The WSOP did it out of pure necessity (AFAIK).  That's what happens when you go from 800 players to 8000 in 3 years.

You could run 3 separate tournaments (3 tournament files), saving each at the end of each "segment" and loading the next one.  Then combine them manually at some point by creating a new tournament with the remaining players.  Of course, you'd lose tournament history this way.

I guess you could have all 60 players in one tournament and then handle seating manually.  You could drag the current players to their seats if you wanted the TD to display the seating chart accurately, but you couldn't let it automatically balance the tables, because it would simply tell you there were not enough seats for everyone.

I don't think either of these scenarios is ideal, but then the TD wasn't meant to manage this scenario.  Sorry.  If I were running this type of tournament, I would probably use the second method and move players myself.  Of course, if you're also playing in the tournament, this will be more challenging.