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Don't get images to work (or don't understand how to use them)

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I have tried to change the background and have something like the fourth one under screen shots (the one labeled "A clock page layout with a background image"). I've tried using the option "Background" and though I get to choose image and it changes in the preview it never changes when I start the tournament. I also tried changing images in the cell properties, but with the same result. What am I doing wrong? Can some kind soul do a step by step guide how to make a simple clock (with just the basic functions) and a new .jpg background. Something like the one under screen shots.


Corey Cooper:
Each cell has its own background and border color properties.  Therefore, if you want to use a background image for the screen, you'll need to make the background (and possibly border) colors of each cell transparent, or each cell will simply display its own background color directly over your background image.

There is of course an easy way to do this.  When you set the background image for a screen, check the checkboxes at the bottom of the dialog that override the background and border colors for all the cells.

I've tried that too, but no success :-[ (I tried it again just now). I've tried changing backgrounds on one of the existing layouts and I've tried making a new screen with a background. I've put rows and columns on the screen. Inside I've put cells and tried to use images in them, but nothing happens. I've read the help file and the posts in this forum, but nope. I might miss something, be stupid, my install might be flawed (but the program works fine otherwise) or just don't get it. I really do need a step by step guide. I had no problems at all with the former version of the tournament director.


Corey Cooper:
Are you seeing the results on the clock page of any of your changes?  If not, maybe you're not looking at the right screen when you are on the tournament page.  If you're modifying an included layout, and your tournament isn't configured or hasn't started, you might be seeing a different screen when on the tournament page than you think you are.  By default, the TAB key is configured to display the names of the currently used Screen Set and Screen when on the tournament page.  The keys 1 through 9 are configured to go directly to the screen by that index (the screen index is listed next to the screen name on the layout tab).  These keys (1-9) go to the screen by that index and immediately engage the screen lock, so that the screen doesn't automatically change based on your tournament state.

Just to make sure the problem isn't something simple, you do have the option at the bottom of the "Background" window that says "Override all background colors" checked, right?

Just, got to make sure of these things, ya know? ;)


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