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Enhancements and additions
« on: September 28, 2006, 10:38:02 AM »
Enhancements and additions

I donít know if I am speaking for myself but I would like to see a couple of enhancements and additions. I run a poker room. Its poker night everyday. Mostly cash games with tournaments being held every Monday. I would like to see a selection of different types of tournaments that could be run. Elimination, Double Elimination Shoot out, Sit and Go, Heads up, Rebuy, Round Robin, Mixed (Horse) and Satellite Tournament. Most tournaments are run the same but have slight differences. We only use TD for the Monday elimination tournament. We also run shootout tournaments between the different teams in the league. What I would really like to see is heads up tournament Structure and Brackets. The only SW that I know that does this is Tournament Scheduler Pro. It would be awesome if I could run all my tournaments with TD. 

   As for the cash game addition. We play cash games every night and have 4 to 5 full tables going. The players asked me if there is anyway they can track how many times they rebuy and if it could track their profit / loss for the night, week month etc. I think they all would purchase TD if it could do what Check your bets, Poker Charts and StatKing do. I think it would be awsome if TD could manage the cash games. Show the tables, Bank size on each table etc.


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Re: Enhancements and additions
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2006, 11:02:57 PM »
Assuming you only want each computer to run one tournament at a time, you can set this up in at least 2 ways: 
1. Set up a template for each type of game (which means configure a tournament for a specific game type, then save it to a file in the templates directory before you start he clock).  Load whichever tournament type you want to run out of the templates directory, then do 'save as' to a file in the saves directory, this way on game night you can run any type of tournament you like without having to spend time reconfiguring everything.  The template files will not affect stats because they are not in the right directory.
2. If you want the users on game night to have less to figre out, you could save another copy of TD for each game type, and set the default tournament file to a pre-configured game of the given type.  Then you can do a short-cut to each of these with whatever names and icons you want from the desktop.

(if you want to run more than one instance of TD you can get different types of games going at the same time with option 2, but otherwise I'd avoid it, and Corey would probably not recommend changing the stting that locks TD to one instance on a gven computer at a given time.)

Also if you survived reading all of that, your cash games can be configured as if they were a tournament with unlimited rebuys, no prizes, and no automatic reseating.  You could even manually assign a prize to a player equal to whatever they cash out for at any time.  (manual prize option)  This would also track the total you should have in your cash drawer at any given time, and could be used for a per-buy-in rake if you use one.