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Another 2 interviews
« on: September 07, 2012, 12:55:45 PM »
I TD'd another major Canadian tournament last week and was asked to interview the last 2.

I also saw the strongest player I have ever seen play in Xuan Liu. I had Esfandiari, Smith, Laak, Helmuth, Leigh, Ross and a few other pros in my tourneys and none of them compared to her. Her reading abilities were outstanding and she had nerves of steel. She bluffed out an opponent with air when the board paired on the river. Her opponent had a straight. She bet and shoved the riv when her opponent raised. He had 90% of her stack. The hand lasted just under 5 minutes and she never flinched. I got a couple of pictures with her and used one of them as my fb profile pic. It will take severe head trauma before I forget about her play and I hope to host her again. She was the talk of almost every player in the tourney and a real pleasant to have on my tables.