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Animated text
« on: July 11, 2012, 07:42:14 AM »
Just starting to use Animation shop. And i have the idea to use animated gifs as backgrounds One idea is to insert the gif into the background of a cell.

I have an idea to put each control button in its own separate cell. So that each button could be individually placed within a layout. (I know that this can be done as Timmer posted some buttons on this board).

For example:- This is the contents of the button which would buy in players.

<tdbutton type="buyin" text="Buy-in" inheritFont="true">

I have made an animation, which I want to insert as a background for the cell. The animation has animated text scrolling across the cell which reads  "Buy-in players"

 In the cell for a button,  What would  I delete from the cell, to stop the text being displayed.

Any thought of this idea, any comments or any suggestion (good or bad) would be welcome.
I have attached a copy of the gif.  You can view this gif in the TD software by inserting the gif as a background in any cell The gif is not to size yet.

EDIT:- I have just tried this. Failed miserably; I removed the  "Buy-in players"  from the cell but this did not work.
What I want is to remove the text and the button that is displayed and have the animation as the button any ideas please. What would happen if i made the text for the cell, transparent? I have attached a picture of the result that i got.

Another Edit:- Changed the text to transparent -  this made the text in the cell invisible  but left the button.
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Re: Animated text
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2012, 12:14:30 PM »
Why not just use the image for the button itself?

<tdButton type="NextRound" image="C:\buttons\nextRound.gif" link="true">

The link attribute removes the button characteristics.  If you want it to still be a true button (gray color, raised look, push-button effect when clicked), remove the link attribute:

<tdButton type="NextRound" image="C:\buttons\nextRound.gif">

Remember, if you use the Insert Token dialog, all of the attributes are listed with descriptions to help you out.  It's a lot easier than trying to piece together the <token> stuff by hand.  And don't forget, if you highlight the token code before you push the "Insert Token" button (even if you just highlight part of the token), the Insert Token dialog will open directly to the appropriate token with the attributes specified in the token code already set appropriately.  Makes it very easy to edit an existing token.