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Automating some processes
« on: April 08, 2012, 06:05:26 PM »
Maybe this is already possible, but if not, I would find this useful. I use The Tournament Director to run 3 different poker leagues in my neighborhood.

At the end of each tournament, we save the tourney, and export several items (tourney summary, stats, prizes, lifetime stats, etc...). We use these exported files to update our league web site. We always export them, and always export in the same format. Would it be possible to add something like these?
1. The ability to tell the program which pages to export, and their format, and where to save, and have the program automatically export these when the tourney ends. (You might need to set a default naming convention, like <save file name>_prizes.html or <date-time>_player_stats.csv or whatever)

2. The ability to export the data via the events processor already in use. The idea would be to set an event on tournament end that would do the following: Export the aforementioned stats, ether via a save preference, or via a command line, then once the exports have occurred, email those stats to our webmaster. The email process might just be the ability to execute a script, like exists already. 

3. The ability to tell the program to export data via an "api"-like interface, where I have a batch file or vbs script that basically tells the program to do the exports the data for me. This is similar to #2, but isn't dependant on the events processor.

My ideal choice would be #2, especially if there are other things that can be done, kind of like your status updates. Then I could write events for each round, or each bust out that do specific things.

I think that this, combined with your status updates feature would be very valuable to those of us that run league web sites.

Thanks again for such a great program!


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Re: Automating some processes
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 10:11:12 AM »
There's a to-do item on the list for this.  No release planned yet (haven't yet begun work on it).