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antes sounding
« on: January 27, 2012, 07:33:48 AM »
I am setting up a tournament using 1 layout. I couldn't decide whether to have antes with the tournament. So i set up the antes and then hid the antes column on the rounds tab.  How ever when running a mock game, the antes kicked in.
I thought that by hiding the antes column it would mean the antes would not be used. I that right?
Or do have have to  edit the round and then manually delete the antes to stop them from sounding?

thanks in advance

I deleted the antes by going to the rounds tab and manually deleted the antes from each round , but they are still sounding.
The events that i use is  i use for all other games and it has never done this before. Any ideas
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Stuart Murray

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Re: antes sounding
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2012, 08:35:30 AM »
No, you need to change the ante in each round to 0 (zero) to stop them firing.  It sounds like you have created an event to fire by specific round, when you say that manually deleted the antes from each round , but they are still sounding" - this suggests you have an events condition that fires the ante off by a specific round, rather than a specific amount, you would need to remove events that fire the ante.

You can see the following thread in replies "correlated announcements" for a better and more intuitive way to have events files which are not fixed to a specific structure.

Stuart Murray