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« on: January 25, 2012, 09:39:44 AM »
On my main TD screen I have 2 cells. The first one (the prize money)  i have managed to format ( as you can see in the attached file).

I used this in the cell:-
A total of <bountyTotal roundOff="true"> with <bountyChipCount> bounties to win@ 5.00 each. <BR>
Number of Main Game Prizes: <numberofrankedprizes><br>Position & Prize Money<br>
<rankings showTimeOut="true" showRoundOut="false" showStillIn="true" showHitman="true" showHits="true" showWinnings="true" showPoints="false" showColumnTitles="True" max="8

The second cell show the number of Bounties that players have won and also the amount they have won

For this cell i have used:-

Top 10 Bounty Hunters<br><BR>
<bountyWinners orient="vertical" max="8" showAll="false" showCounts="true" showAmounts="true" roundOffAmounts="false" sortBy="count"> <BR><BR>

But as you can see the first cell is much better laid out. Is there any way that i can show the 2nd cell, the same way as the 1st cell. And i would also like to show the points that awarded for the hit in there too.

Tried  to format it the same way as the first cell, but to no avail. Any ideas how this is done or even if it can be done?

much appreciated, thanks in advance