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This took me 8 hours to get right but I finally completed my new layout. I am thinking of selling a un-branded version to people interested for small fee.

A nice layout, but now people have seen it, it could easily be copied and even improved on.

There are plenty of people on here who will make and give ideas and are only too willing to help sort any problems that people may have. And they do it NOT for money but because it is a community. A community (and if you have read the past posts) that are more than willing to help out fellow members of the forum.

And the cost. ABSOLUTLY NOTHING - apart from friendship, a sense of camaraderie and a willingness to do something for nothing.

When i first joined this forum I knew F** ALL. I read EVERY past post and learned a hell of a lot. If i didn't understand something, I posted and i always got answers to my queries or sent into the right direction. Its getting to the point now that i have even answered a couple of questions.

Sorry but i think its the wrong pace to put a for sale sign up


True that Mahound,  I have this ( aka Hollywood Poker )  layout easy to do. Ive posted afew layouts and did alot of them for members at no charge and all it took was    ( can you help me ) But thats just me.

If people want to attempt to create it themselves than I have no problem with that, like I say it took me a very long time to finish it and get it to display correctly in the right resolutions.

I didn't put up a for sale sign and I had this topic cleared with Corey Cooper also so I know I have not done that. I was merely touching on the possibility of selling it. My basis for this was that I was looking for a clean layout before I made this one (unfortunately I have never come across a professionally good looking one) and if someone else had one for sale I would have been willing to pay for it rather than waste many hours doing it.

If it offends you I would rather you not reply.

Adding onto what I have just said, if it took me 20 minutes to make like all of the layouts I have seen available, then I would put it up for free.


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