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How do you move players manually on a full table?  I know that you can drag and drop players if a table is not full (with a little rearranging - move #1 player into an empty seat, move #2 player into #1 seat, then move previous #1 player into the now empty #2 seat).  But, if a table is full, the only way I can figure out how to do it is to edit the table to add an extra seat temporarily (say from 10 seats to 11), do my re-arranging, then re-edit the table back to 10 seats.

Any other ways?

It would be nice if I could say right click on a player and say that I want him in seat 2, then this might shift everbody up a seat and if need be I could then right click on person that was in 2 and shift him to 10 - just saves editing a table twice.


Corey Cooper:
Drop the player into the "Unseated Players" pane.  Do your rearranging.  Grab the player and drop him into his new seat.


Sorry Corey, I swear I read the instructions, but somehow when I now look at them again your well written instructions must have bounced off my brain  ;D



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