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Corey Cooper:
Beta 3 of 2.2 is now available.  Hopefully, this one will become the final 2.2.

Changes since beta 2:

* Rebuying player errored if player bounties weren't enabled
* Bounty chips weren't properly awarded if the player purchased a bounty chip (at initial buy-in or a rebuy) and then purchased a rebuy without first busting out of the tournament
* The Hitman column on the Players tab sometimes showed strange values when a player had no hitman (wasn't currently busted out or was the tournament winner)
* Fixed some text-wrapping issues on the Status tab
* Add additional prize attributes to the AutoPrizes schema
* Add an export option to the Tables tab to list the players alphabetically along with their seating assignments (much like the Seating Chart page list format)
* Added roundOff and roundOffPoints attributes to appropriate tokens
* Fixed bug that prevented sounds and sound events from being deleted
* Added undo/redo buttons to Tables tab
* Fixed bug in auto-resize feature that kept some layout components from resizing
* Fixed bug in which custom tokens didn't update at round changes
* Added the ability to insert or undo add-ons, rebuys, and bust-outs directly within a player's history
* The styling of the seatingchart token (and a few others) broke due to some changes in 2.2; fixed
* Removed the ability to set or reset the clock before the tournament start (which would sometimes cause an error if done)
* Fixed the Chip dialog, which only allowed selection of a white chip
* Fixed sounds to use relative paths (making sound templates portable)
Get beta 3 here:

Edit: Version 2.2 has been released, therefore beta 3 is no longer available.


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