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Hi all. I am running a league finale and the top-5 players will start with more chips than the rest of the field. Is there a way to adjust the total chips in play while maintaining the correct prize pool? Thanks in advance for any help! :)

On the Player's Tab, Set Chip Count. you can then set each player's stack

Corey Cooper:
You can also adjust a player's chips at buy-in time, giving more to those 5 players.  Even after the fact, if you forget to do it at buy-in time, you can edit each player on the Players tab, then edit their buy-in and change the initial chips for those players (even post tournament).  Chip stacks won't affect prizes.

Related issue:

If a player has confirmed attendance but isn't there at the start, they will get a stack which gets blinded down. If they haven't turned up by the end of level 2, they're disqualified and their remaining chips are taken out of play.

The tokens for average stack, total chips and average/total blinds are all driven by the initial buy-in (i.e. if you change the current stack size for a player in the players tab, this doesn't change the figure shown in the token).

So: other than by cancelling two buyins and recreating another which would take into account the absent players remaining chips, is there a more elegant solution (so that the tourney screen info is correct?)

Corey Cooper:
I don't think there is.  But let me make sure I understand.  If a player fails to show,then after level 2 you do what exactly?

- Remove the remaining chips
- Undo the player's buy-in?

Seems like you want to leave the player's money in the tournament, and also leave in however many chips entered play by blinding down.  But you don't want to bust the player out, because that would result in the player having a ranking, etc.  So you'd have to undo the buy-in, and then adjust the pot and the chip count.  Right?


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