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How do you configure random sounds?


I would like to play a random sound when someone busts out. I would like to put the "bust out" sounds in a separate folder.

I tried to enter the path in the New Sound path textbox, but it would not accept it - it said that the file was not found...

Any ideas?

Corey Cooper:
If the sound file isn't found it is most likely that you've entered the path incorrectly.  I recommend using the Browse button to locate the file(s).

To play a random sound at bust out, create the various Sounds you'd like to use, then create a Sound Event for "when a player busts out" for each of the sound files (if you have 6 sounds, create 6 sound events).  After you create the 2nd one, the software will warn you that you've created more than one sound event for the same event, and one will be chosen at random when the event occurs.  And so on for each sound.

Ok - makes sense - I was getting the error because I was trying to point to a path - not an .mp3 or .wav file.

Thank you!!!

Corey is there an easier way to add a bunch of sounds linked to a single event? Maybe some sort of batch method would be nice.


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