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Corey Cooper:
No, should not matter from which version the tournament was saved.  I was actually doing most of my testing with a tournament saved from 2.0.

I've tried this several times, repeating the steps you outlined, and it still works properly for me.

Can you double-check?  And if it still appears to not be working, send the tournament file to me @

Hmmm okely dokely

I'll look again tomorrow and make sure I'm not seeing things (it's 11pm here in UK) and let you know


Attached is a screen shot after this "dummy" tourney finished. You will see:

1) The winner (J Fake) has a hitman of "4" (???? - expected this to be blank)

2) J Fake also knocked out 4 people, a couple of which had bounty chip, but it only shows him winning 1 bounty chip for some reason (and presumably this is his own original bounty chip)

As said this was a 2.1.2 tourney loaded into 2.2 b2

I also attach the tournry file itself....

Corey Cooper:
Ok, I believe you have found a bug, but it's not as bad as I thought.

First, a player who "keeps" his bounty chip (typically by winning) does not "win" his bounty chip.  In other words, it is tracked separately.  If you show the columns "Bounties Kept" and "Bounty Money Kept", you'll see J Fake's bounty chip show up.

J Fake busted out 4 players, but appears to have earned only 1 bounty.  He should have earned 2.  Here's why:  A Lee and J Kyriakides did not purchase bounty chips.  T Dalton did, for which J Fake earned a bounty chip.  M Chambers also did, for which J Fake should have earned a bounty chip, and herein lies the bug.  M Chambers purchased a bounty chip with his initial buy-in, but then rebought several times before busting out.  That bounty chip should sort of transfer forward to the latest buy-in (rebuy) for purposes of being awarded.

For M Chambers, the story is the same.  He busted out 2 players, each of which purchased bounty chips, and each of which purchased rebuys before being busted out.

Thanks for posting this tournament.

Ah Ha! Understood.

Glad it helped (I am an ex developer, DBA and now Project Manager, so very aware of how much user input can help)

Looking forward to your next iteration............ doing a grand job Corey!



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