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I ran a dummy tournament and had the winner knockout 5 others with bounty chips - yet after he "won" it showed he had purchased a bounty chip but not that he had won any others - the chips were $10 and his winnings were 1040 + 10 for the chip he had left? I was expecting it was gonna be 1040 + 60?

Also, just to be clear, I updated the bounty chips bought etc AFTER the dummy tourney ran - that is, when it ran there were no bounty chips used. I updated the "buy-ins" afterwards to add the bounty chips here n there to see the effect (as I figured TD being database based, it would acknowledge the effect of those bounty chips after the fact).

This was after trying on 2.2 b2

Corey Cooper:
I've confirmed this.  The TD isn't *technically* DB based, but you are right in thinking that it should acknowledge those bounty chips, even after the fact.

I also saw that the winner in a tournament I tested, who rebought midway through the tournament, showed as having a hitman, even though his final status was not "busted out" (ie, it shouldn't have shown as having a hitman, even though the player had actually busted out at one point, because he later rebought and won the tournament).  Even weirder, it displayed the rank of the hitman, and not the hitman itself.

I'll post an update as soon as I figure this out.


As long as it's not me that's going mad......    ;)

Look forward to the update  :)

Corey Cooper:
OK, so I was out in the heat all day yesterday.  And I think it really affected my judgment.

I figured out the strange displaying of (what I thought was) the rank of the hitman for the winner, which it wasn't at all, but it was definitely a bug and I've fixed it.

I also found 3 other bugs, only to investigate them today and realize they aren't bugs at all.  See, heat affects judgment.

And as hard as I try, I cannot duplicate the bounty-chip anomoly that you're seeing (or that I thought I saw yesterday).  Now everything I try seems to work perfectly.

Hawklight, are you certain that what you saw corresponds with the "Restrict bounties" checkbox on the Game tab?

Some things to note:
- The Use player bounty chips checkbox actually only controls whether or not the buy-in and rebuy dialogs will display the Bounty Amount input
- The Bounty chip cost field only controls what the Bounty Amount input will be pre-filled with
- The Restrict bounties checkbox, although disabled when Use player bounty chips is unchecked, is still respected; remember that players could buy-in and purchase bounty chips, and then the Use player bounty chips option could be unchecked.  Those bounty chips are still in play, so the Restrict bounties option is still used.

Hi Corey

Just so's you know I "configureD" Bounty Chips as such and tried it for real on Friday using 2.1.2 (more on that in a sec):

Use Bounty Chips is checked
Restrict Bounties is also checked (as bounty chip purchase is optional)
The Bounty Cost is $0

I don't check off buy-ins (when done with or without bounty chips) at the start of the tournament as it can be a bit manic. Buy-ins, bounties and rebuys and addons are captured on a manual sign-in sheet (once I figure out how to do it effciently "live" I will - one step at a time ;) ). As such, I "buy-in" everyone at the outset - the reason the cost is $0 is that less people purchase bounty chips than do not - so I "add" these bounty chip purchases later when the tourney is in a quiet phase.

As I said I used 2.1.2 ('cos it was live) and then restored the tourney from a proper backup of 2.1.2 to 2.2 after the fact to see if displayed correctly. So it was via an imported 2.1.2 tourney - does that matter?


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