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Corey Cooper:
Beta 2 is now available.  Here are changes since beta 1:

- Fixed a bug in which a broken image was displayed when rearranging columns (thanks TimDugan)
- Fixed an error condition displayed when creating a new HTML style (thanks lethargicdolt)
- Fixed an error condition displayed when saving a chips template (thanks lethargicdolt)
- Rearranged some mixed-up context menu items to make them more logical
- Fixed an error condition that occured when you moved the mouse over a cell that you just created (thanks lethargicdolt)
- Minor fix to the formula compiler.  Previously, use of the operators "or" and "and" (instead of "||" and "&&") in some formulas could fail to properly compile.
- Fixed a bug in which adjustments to a player's winnings weren't properly reflected when compiling statistics (thanks brunobus)

And I actually kept track, somewhat, of who reported issues.  That's tough for a disorganized person like myself...

Seriously, thanks for your efforts, and for taking the time to report these issues.

Get Beta 2 here:

Edit: Version 2.2 beta 2 is no longer available.  See


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