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Question is from a friend who is using the demo version of TD V 2.x.x..... told him I'd look into it for him.

"... One thing I was wondering, is there a way to bring up a pop-up screen to show in big letters when someone gets busted out? For this tournament, at the beginning, there will have to be a table in a separate room from the "main" room. When someone busts out, I was hoping to get a screen to pop up to show who busted out? "

I told him that his best option may be to create a seperate layout screen that displays for 'x' seconds when there is a bust, where the screen will diplay "Player's Name" BUSTED, or something along those lines... but you guys are better at the layout stuff than I am, so.... any ideas?

Thanks Ghost...

I finally got a chance to join the forum... (I'm the friend).

Basically, what I'm trying to do is create a "Screen Event".  Similar to a sound event.  I have sounds set up to play when a player busts out, but I want a screen to show also.  Even if it is just the player ranking screen.  Is there a way to trigger a screen display when a player busts out???

Corey Cooper:
No, current there is no way to do this, although this is on my "to-do" list.  What I eventually want to do is change the whole "Sounds" tab into an "Events" tab.  When events in your tournament occur, you could configure a sound to play, display a message, trigger a screen change, pause the clock, etc. 

Thannks for the reply Cory, and thanks for the original post ghost.....

I will probably just manually bring up thr player rankings screen.  I'm liking the prduct so far, and if everyrhing goes well next weekend, I will likely purchase the program......

Thanks again...



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