Author Topic: Changing final table size wrongly affecting final table percentage... and more.  (Read 616 times)


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Hey Corey (and whoever helps),

I've run into a problem with my final table stats.

When my tournament starts I set all my tables to have 8 seats.  I do this so that movement at a 3+ table tournament keeps 8 seats throughout the tournament.  However, I usually like to have 9 people at the final table (so that the final two tables don't feel so short-handed).  Now, when I get down to 2 tables I manually change the number of seats in TD to 9 seats, for one of the tables.  When we get to 9 people, it correctly tells me to merge the players to one table.

Now here's the problem... my stats are only showing that 8 people made it to final table.  How can this be fixed??  I've read that final table is based on the table with the most players, but that doesn't seem to affect the stats, does it?

Also, another problem I've run into a few times...  How can I get players to chop a hit point?  I award one point per KO.  Let's say Player A is shortstacked, and goes all-in.  Players B & C call him, and are holding the same straight as each other, and beat Player A.  Player B & C knock out Player A and chop the pot, but I can't get TD to chop the KO point (I'm ok with decimals and half points).  Is there a way I can also fix this?

Thanks a ton!



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to chop the points, i believe that's presently available for 2.6 (presently in beta). It's what i use and it does chop the points for dual KO. As far as the final table, have you thought of making the table be a 9-seater with one of the seats unavailable until close to the final table?
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Magic_fubu is right: you can't designate more than one hitman at the moment, but will be able to do this in 2.6.  However, you can adjust any player's hits.  Edit the players on the Players tab and adjust their hits .5 and/or -.5.

The seating is sort-of tangential to the action of a tournament, so the software doesn't keep track of it in the same way as it keeps track of everything else.  Thus, it determines who was at the final table simply by the number of seats at the largest table.  So, if you have a table of 9 seats and a table of 8 seats at the end of the tournament, players ranked 1st through 9th should all be considered at the final table.  I like Magic_fubu's suggestion as well: make your tables have 9 seats and just mark a seat as unavailable while you only want 8 seats to be used, then free up that seat when you want to use 9 seats.

Regardless of how you do it, the results should be the same.  Where are you seeing that only 8 players are considered at the final table?  Is it in the Tournament Score formula?  The Points for Playing formula (I assume not since you're referring to stats)?  Somewhere else?