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Anyway to make the bar code entry method faster or should I say automated?  As it is now, I can scan a barcode and it finds the player really fast but the delay happens when I have to go up to the name, check the player's name then go back to the find box.

Corey Cooper:
What would you suggest?  Automatically performing whatever the action is?  (Buy-in, rebuy, etc)  The problem is the search function isn't specifically for barcodes, so it could come back with multiple players.  I guess in that case it could not perform the automatic action?

Again, I apologize for reviving an old thread. I recently bought a barcode scanner and receipt printer, and have gone through threads here at TD.

The way around this is to assign an ID to each player. You MUST have leading zeros. So for myself, I am ID 0001.  My membership card (or whatever you want to call it), has 0001 for the barcode. DO NOT make it just "1". If you do, any person that has a 1 in their ID will come up, and you will be back to square 1, searching multiple people.


Corey Cooper:
Excellent point.  Making it unique means you can check the "Auto perform action" checkbox and the action (buying in, rebuying, etc) will be performed automatically upon scan, because the search will come back with a single result.


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