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Corey Cooper:
Sorry, I wish the TD could tell you that but the fact is the older version just doesn't understand the format of the newer version, so it gets confused.

Hi Stuart.
Excellent job of 'obtaining' the crm sound files.
Thanks also for supplying the templates. They have enabled me to correct the way I associate my sounds with the levels. Mine were more long winded.
I do have a request though.
Do you have any of the sound files for the levels above 10000 - 20000.
Our club regularly reaches 20000 - 40000 and some times 30000 - 60000.
Levels higher than 30000 - 60000 would also come in very usefull later this year when I am hosting a 2 day team challenge event.
No problem if you don't have them. Worth asking though.....
Many Thanks
Clive Padden

Stuart Murray:
Hi Clive,

The highest the soundfiles goes to is 10k/20k so nothing above that i'm afraid.  Glad your enjoying the sounds!


Hi Stuamurr

Like the quality of these sounds....Better than the internet based robotic sounds, I am updating my chips to higher amounts which will work well with these sound.Thanks...However I have anoucements at break times..One states theres now a 5 minute break and one for when food comes, theres now a 20 min break....Did you find these sounds on the web or did you use a piece of software ( like natural speaking ) to make these..Thanks aload

Stuart Murray:
hi Arthur,

these sounds are professionally recorded in a sound lab for casino software, so can't help you out with other announcements, It does have "Start of Breaks" and "Short Break Soft"



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