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2.6 beta 1
« on: April 13, 2010, 10:11:43 PM »
This is a BETA release of the software.  Beta means I believe I have squashed all of the bugs, but I'd like to get some more testing done before an official release.

As I have stated before, backup your data first.  The TD can do this for you, just press the "Backup" button on the Database tab and check all options.  You should do this whether you try a beta version or not.

The user manual has still not been updated.  Below is the relevant part of the changes.txt file.  The link to download the beta is at the bottom.

Thank you again to everyone who will participate in this test release.  Please post or email any feedback you have.

The Tournament Director 2.6 beta release 1
Copyright (c) 2004 - 2010 Corey Cooper

Version 2.6.b1 (beta release 1)
New Features:
- Added a Windows screen saver suppressor.  This is an experimental
  feature.  The purpose is to automatically prevent the Windows
  screen saver from activating.  This is a preference and is disabled
  by default.  See the Preferences tab to enable
- Updated the Stats refresh code to prevent reloading some tournament files
  when not necessary
- Updated Info dialog on Stats tab to sort by columns, arrange columns,
  and omit tournaments that did not pass the filter
- Overhauled the Refresh Stats dialog
- Added preference (on Stats tab) to omit the Sum and Avg lines
- Reworked player drag-and-drop on the Tables tab.  Player name now placed
  to right of cursor, to make it easier to tell where the player will be
  dropped.  The table list will automatically scroll now when dragging a
  player (when the list is taller than the window size).  Player names
  fly-back when drop is invalid.  Dropping player on table name seats player
  in first available seat.
- On Stats tab in Single Field View mode, tournaments are now sorted by start
- Added "Explorer Folder" context menu option where appropriate
- Added gameName and nextGameName to layout conditions formulas
  (and basic criteria)

Bugs Fixed:
- (2.5.10) When sorting Stats, some columns don't fall back on the
  player's name to break ties
- (2.5.10) All inputs for Points values truncate to 2 decimal places
- (2.5.10) Buy-in, add-on, undo rebuy, and similar buttons should not be
  disabled on the Controls tab post-tournament
- (2.5.10) When checking or unchecking "Only show hitmen at the same table
  as the player(s) busting out" on the Bust Players Out dialog, the hitman
  list could display the wrong list of players (rare)
- (2.5.10) Numpad number keys don't work in time inputs (Countdown
  dialog, Set Clock dialog, and similar dialogs)
- (2.5.10) Background images with ampersands (&) in the path do not work
- (2.5.10) Resetting a tournament does not reset players' winnings adjustments
  or points adjustments
- (2.5.10) Refreshing stats should always return to page 1
- (2.6.a1) Auto-save is broken
- (2.6.a1) Tournaments with Events bound to hotkeys won't load
- (2.6.a1) <evenchop>, <prizemoneyleft>, <prizepointsleft> tokens don't work
  in Simple mode
- (2.6.a1) <evenchop>, <prizemoneyleft>, <prizepointsleft> give bad values
  (NaN) when there are no players or prizes in the tournament
- (2.6.a1) Refreshing Stats when a File is added to the Profile's Sources
  causes an error
- (2.6.a1) Bounty on Random Player prize shows <Unknown Player> even when
  not awarded (rare)
- (2.6.a1) When initializing a data store, the initialization succeeds
  but the dialog remains "frozen" (disabled buttons never become active and
  results never shown)
- (2.6.a1) Overall Score formulas are broken
- (2.6.a1) Changing to single-page view then back to paged view on Players
  tab or Stats tab causes the page buttons to stop working

Known Issues:
- In testing, one particular PC experienced rhythmic high CPU usage.  Unable
  at this time to determine what factors are causing this.  It is very
  reproducible on the one PC, but cannot reproduce on other PCs.
- Some Layout operations can take a very long time to complete.  For example,
  pressing the "Global Properties" button on the Layout tab may take a few
  seconds for the dialog to open.  Working on speeding this up.
- Undoing a buy-in from the History section of the Game Player dialog will not
  unseat the player.  This is an existing bug and is not new in this release
  (but was not fixed, either).

Version 2.6.a1 (alpha release 1)
New Features:
- Tournament files (.tdt) are now associated with the Tournament Director
  application.  Double-clicking a Tournament Director tournament file in
  Windows Explorer will now start the Tournament Director and open the
  selected tournament automatically
- The database, preferences, tournaments, and templates are now saved in a
  new format
- Major rewrite of all underlying object code, dialog code, and UI code
- Added ability to specify more than one hitman for a player bust-out
- Stats tab now uses Profiles.  Tournament file location now specified in
  profile and not on Preferences tab.  Currently selected profile displayed
  on Stats tab
- Layout is now saved independently from tournament
- Various Layout dialogs completely overhauled
- Added feature to import components from other Layouts
- Added Layout Design Mode
- Cells simplified to use only Property Sets.  Property Groups removed
- Added Advanced conditions to allow formula-style conditions for Property Sets
  and Screen Sets (basic conditions still available)
- Added Layout screen property "expand"
- Added "expand" and "outline" attributes to <tables> token
- Added <playernames>, <evenchop>, <prizemoneyleft> and <prizepointsleft>
- Added "link" attribute to <tdbutton> token in token descriptor (attribute
  was already there, but not displayed in the "Add Token" dialog)
- "Add Token" dialog now displays token code as the token is being defined
- Added "Used by" button to Global Properties Dialog
- Auto-resize feature now adjusts everything, not just visible components
- Added Seating Chart Screen option to set table width
- Added Seating Chart Screen option for multiple columns in List mode
- Added new table blueprints:
- Game Player dialog overhauled
- Stats Player dialog overhauled
- New Tournament dialog now gives option to use any saved tournament as a
- Default filename provided for new tournaments
- Added context-menu option for removing a player from a league (Database tab)
- Added feature to shift the time of a tournament (useful when the PC clock was
- Countdown dialog now gives option to start the clock immediately or pause the
- ID field added to Name Format custom option
- added "roundToNearest()", "roundUpToNearest()", and "roundDownToNearest()"
  functions for formulas
- Tables tab now renders tables dynamically according to window width
- Added tournament status to Controls tab (Clock section)
- Chop dialog now recognizes negative relative rankings numbers (allows for
  easily moving a chopped player to a higher rank)
- "Problems" changed to more appropriate "Alerts"
- "Columns" (arrangement) and "Column Names" functions consolidated under
  "Preferences" on respective Settings tabs

Bugs Fixed:
- Settings window size/location not saved on exit (sometimes)
- "position" variable calculated incorrectly for manually adjusted chops
- when exporting a layout and a file is found that is outside of the current
  Data Store, a confirmation dialog is presented with the option to continue
  or cancel, but only an OK button is given
- Status Messages sometimes fail to "flash"
- In the History section of the Game Player dialog, "Knocked out" events always
  show a player collecting the bounty chip even if the player was not
  eligible to collect the bounty chip
- "Find" on Remove Players From Tournament dialog broken
- Selecting "Allow players to rebuy if not busted" in the Quick Start Wizard
  does not set the option correctly
- The Extended Display dialog sometimes can not move the Game window to the
  Extended display unless the Game window is first resized
- Decimal point and Decimal comma preferences allowed to be set to same
- Changing Name Format preference does not automatically update built-in
- XML exports do not properly encode special characters
- Restoring a backup file does not restore preferences
- Formula variables "buyinrake", "rebuyrake", and "addonrake" always set to 0
- Background images for tables are broken when player movement highlighting
- Automatic prizes feature, in simple mode, uses number of players in the
  tournament, not the number of entrants
- Automatic prizes feature uses hard-coded prize name if the name attribute
  is not included in the XML descriptor file
- Test All dialog (on Tournament Scoring dialog) "Points" column should be
  "Score" column

Edit: 2.6 beta 2 has superceded this.  See
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Stuart Murray

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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2010, 11:12:01 AM »
Hi Corey unfortunately TD 2.6b1 is not loading fully for me I think it the same problem as before it reports

Message: T is null
Line: 4942

I will send you through my default tournament file

Stuart Murray

Corey Cooper

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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2010, 11:31:25 AM »
Arg, it is the same problem.  My fix somehow got nuked.  I'm not sure why, but the very next time I checked that code into the repository the original fix reverted.  That makes all code changes at that time suspect.  I'll have to go through everything on that date and make sure the same thing didn't happen somewhere else.  Thanks for pointing this out.


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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2010, 01:56:05 PM »
In Layout > Properties > Built- in screens > Blind Schedule Screen the button Edit Columns does not seem to work (no screen appears)

In Layout > Properties > Built- in screens > Player Rankings Screen it sorts by rank, name, chip acount. Sorting by rank, chip count, name doesnt seem to work.

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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #4 on: April 16, 2010, 10:42:40 AM »
Fixed and fixed.  Thank you for finding and reporting this.


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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #5 on: April 19, 2010, 04:48:47 PM »
Next issue...
The screen set conditions are not fully working...I have set a screen to fire with <62 seconds during countdown, no show (this screen does work in 2.5). I also programmed a screen to fire with <53 seconds during break #1, this screen also doesn't fire.
I have also come across an issue with Tracking Players mode. I set TD2 to simple mode and it always returns to Tracking Mode when I restart the software.
You can download my layout (modified) at and click on TD Layouts. The layout in question is
Thanks Corey
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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #6 on: April 21, 2010, 04:49:33 PM »
Yep, broken, and now fixed.  Thanks jodybingo.


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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #7 on: April 21, 2010, 05:00:24 PM »
I may have seen this in the forums, but a quick search turns up nothing,
Is it possible to have an optionj under the preferences tab>Config Files to allow for a default Layout (similar to default tournament?

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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #8 on: April 22, 2010, 11:13:31 AM »
No, but it is definitely on my list to add for 2.6.


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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #9 on: April 23, 2010, 10:37:59 AM »
Great. I plan to run a simulation of my entire tournament this weekend to see how it performs.  I have some integration testing to do via my autohotkey scripts and player export to my website.  Here is my wish list for 2.6.

  • Export of hitman id when exporting players.
  • Have an event triggered player export. (I have an elaborate autohotkey script that does this for me after player elimination but it can be clunky)

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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #10 on: April 23, 2010, 11:58:10 AM »
Export of hitman id when exporting players.

Have to look into this - not sure how easy or difficult it would be.  On the plus side, the major thing I am working on right now is a reporting feature.  Essentially, if I can pull it off, the program would export a lot of data to a report, which could then pretty much do what it wants with it.  The report would work similarly to the way PHP or JSP or ASP pages work today, using Javascript as the language.  This would allow for reports to be added at any time to the software, for reports to be powerful and flexible, and for those more technically-inclined users to write their own reports.  I'm really trying to get it into 2.6 but it's proving to be a bit more time consuming than I anticipated, so it might have to wait.

Have an event triggered player export. (I have an elaborate autohotkey script that does this for me after player elimination but it can be clunky)

That's a little more exotic.  :)


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Re: 2.6 beta 1
« Reply #11 on: April 23, 2010, 10:03:37 PM »
I figured the event triggered export would be more difficult and didn't think it was a near term possibility but thought I would try.  Not sure how your rewrite would improve changes to the event triggering.

As far as the hitman id, that is a more important issue for me.  Ever since you added the player ID, which was a great addition since I can make that ID associate to the userid on my website, I have had a need for the player ID of the hitman as well when exporting players.

I upload the exported csv file to my site every time a player is eliminated,  Autohotkey scripts execute all of the steps necessary to create the csv then ftp to my site and execute a php script via plink to update the site with the 'realtime' results.  It all works great and thanks to your software it is possible.  I currently use the 'nickname' field to contain the player ID so I will have it when exporting the hitman.  I have the name format to show the nickname in parenthesis.  My main hindrance is that the ID shows on my TD screens since the name format is set up to show it.  Players can't seem to ignore it.

BTW, you would be amazed how many people play for the stats on the site as well as the game of poker itself.  Stats like knockouts, bubbles, familiar knockouts, our TOC points.  Thank you again for creating such a great piece of software that makes running my events as well as my site much easier. :)

I am hoping it is a minor change to your export dialog box.  Fingers crossed!