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i got the layout to load, but now it tells me that the jpg image for the background can't download. it says the image is no longer available or that the site is no longer there.
can you re-up this image? seems like the site hosting it is down.

Here you go.            Sorry i forgot to take a black blank out, of the early pic i posted, i use Corey logo cause i dont think you want mine lol  :D if you look under the chips in the pic above you will see it... this pic is without, sorry again......TIMMER

Thank you TD! Your software is great and offers plenty of possibility, the last two weeks, all wanted to achieve was already in my computer! I succeeded, thanks to your forum, to develop a sytem membership card with 2D barcode scanner, generating a ticket to give their seats to players and today,  I tested the creation of template. So here's my contribution. I ll put a video soon to show the entire system in place
 Thank you again for this app!

David - if you're ever in need of help, don't feel afraid to ask for it - there a lot of us, Corey included, who are usually checking the boards on a constant basis and able to provide help. Looks like you have a sharp layout.. Looks very nice :)


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