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Corey Cooper:
The forum is still active, yes.

--- Quote from: maxmotors on January 01, 2015, 09:09:22 PM ---how do you get the layout like what Chris made?
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately Chris didn't "export" the layout, which would make it easy to import into your installation of the software.  So to make it easier I did that.  Now to use it do the following:

- Download the attached ZIP file

- From the Layout tab, press the Import / Export button

- Press the Import an exported layout into your Data Store button

- Select the attached ZIP file you downloaded

This will import the layout.  Next:

- From the Layout tab, press the Load button and select the "CustomLayout1024x768.tlo" layout file

That should do it.  Note that this layout is designed for 1024x768 and won't necessarily work very well for larger display sizes due to the fixed background image size.  However, if you're using the latest version of the Tournament Director software you can enable Layout Scaling and it should scale properly to a screen size that is the same proportions as 1024x768 (which most of today's screens are NOT, since it is 16x9 instead of 4x3, but with some adjusting should be able to be made to work).

Note also that Chris's layout used a custom font.  You'll have to download that from his original post, unzip it and install the font (just right-click on the .TTF file and select "Install").

My first skin for a local club!


* Soundboard (1-9 on numpad)
* Countdown for all rounds
* Countdown for end of re.entries with auto-pause on the clock for 3 final hands
* Hides prizepool until end of buy-in/re-entry
* Easy interface buttons
* Customized sponsor images from Betsafe

Feel free to use/try/grab ideās.


is this still an Active thread?
can anyone please tell me how i can enable layout scalling? got version 3.3, latest?

Corey Cooper:
Settings window -> Layout tab -> Preferences button (bottom left) -> Layout Scaling section.

with Help from this forum


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