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Thank you! if I have a problem, I will not hesitate to ask for help
.For the moment, lot of problems have been resolved by lot of answers on your forums!

Est-il possible de créer une vidéo permettant de mettre vos images sur notre logiciel...? Car je n'y arrive pas...
Merci d'avance!

Is it possible to create a video to put your images on our software ...? Because I can not do it ...
Thank you in advance!

Using some inspiration and blatant copying  ::) from other layouts posted on the forums, i've come up with this. It took a several hours to learn the html and get everything positioned correctly and the coding might not be very efficient but it's simple enough that it can be manually adjusted without much knowledge of html! Now that i've learnt a few tricks, i'm looking forward to making some really funky layouts for future tournaments.

The background image was created in MS Paint and Word, the font used was downloaded from one of the free websites and it has all been set to the screensize of my laptop 1440x768. If anyone wants the bits and pieces plus instructions on how to modify it, they are welcome to it.

Very nice!

I want it! :p

Corey Cooper:
Export the layout and post it.  With your permission (and enough time), I'll add it to the software.


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