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Minumum Raise in No Limit Texas Hold'em

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--- Quote from: Magic_fubu on June 12, 2010, 11:31:57 PM ---jhisey, what jody meant is that 'the minimum raise is double the bet of the big blind' is not to raise it 400 if the big blind is 200, but raise it TO 400 if the big blind is 200, thus being "double the big blind". 

If you're going to quote, quote accurately: Jody said minimum raise IS double the bet of the big blind, not that "a minimum raise OF double the big blind"

--- End quote ---

And what Jhisey meant was that the minimum RAISE is the size of a big blind... You guys are confusing RAISE and BET AMOUNT. A raise is the DIFFERENCE between the current bet amount and the previous bet amount.

If the Big Blind is 1000 and I say I raise to 3000, my raise is actually 2000.

But to answer the OP question, No the BB is NOT to be taken as a raise of the SB, the BB shall be used as the starting BET (and minimum BET for all streets of the current hand).


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