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Wall Paper used for Backgrounds
« on: December 13, 2009, 10:48:54 AM »
I have been off the home poker circuit since March. I updated Tournament Director for our annual Christmas Event and was trying to put something together for the background that was festive and everyone else may be very award of this but downloading a wallpaper the size of your screeen creates some easily modified theme backgrounds while keeping your cells in place. I know most of you are aware of this, but I just found it and it sent me on a search looking for backgrounds. During that search, found many for Christmas but also found the one that will be our standard background.

The weblink is (they have all types of free wallpapers). The one that really caught my attention is attached if it fits. If not go to the website and look under 3D and then look under link words at top of page and pick death. Skeleton image holding A's over 8's. It is really sharp.

Hope everyone has a good holiday season and Corey, after not using the software for a while, I enjoyed the upgrades.

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