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The Tournament Director look's great!  I have already d/l'ed another blinds timer that is much more basic, but it looks like this product is much better.  I only have a few questions though.

If I buy this product, how involved is it as far as adding/editing information to players as the tournament moves along?  Do chip counts have to be added into the program?  Is there other information I will have to input?  If so, it seems it will be a little distracting if I am too playing in the tournament.

Any information is greatly appreciated.


Once you've got your initial setup completed ahead of time it is pretty much just play and let it take care of things. You do have to interact to balance tables when TD suggests if you want and manually knock players out as they drop but both are real easy.

If you want accurate chip counts as the tourney plays then this must be done manually. We just set the starting amount then forget it. It has saved us tons of time and aggravation. Stats tracking is a really nice component. We export all the saved games to statsgenie and the 2 combined are really cool!!


This has improved our home game 100%. Everyone knows what is going on (blinds going up, current blind, next blind, average stacks, etc..) without me as Tournament Director having to stop dealing and give them information. The automatic table balancing is great (no one questioning why they had to move, etc).

This program does everything you could need it to do in addition to keeping up with your database stats and placing them in an .html format so you can post directly to the web without having to use a 3rd party program (Statsgenie) unless you decide you want to go that route.

We play once a month (sometimes twice) and once you have the players setup and put in the database, this program works like a charm. We play with 18-20 players, but some have posted with much larger numbers and more tables. There is a little bit of learning curve on getting your layouts working the way you want them, but I have been overwhelmingly pleased with this program.

As to having to stop and do anything, anyone can hit the space bar on the laptop and just about anyone can hit the "x" key and knock someone out of the tournament. We stop periodically to color up chips, so if you wanted to update chip counts later in the tournament it can be done. It does not pull you away from dealing or playing a tournament (it really does make your life easier).

What I like most is the auto-balancing of tables.  The software I downloaded doesn't have that.  My question is how does it decide who goes?  Is it random?  Shouldn't a mid-range stack get moved as opposed to the short or big?

Guessing it is random as we never input chip counts except at the beginning of the tournament. Also allows for designated dealer seating and assigning a final table. Both of those were a plus for our home games.


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