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Just showing the results of a joomla component I had created to work hand in hand with TD.

Compatible with Joomla 1.5

Without getting too technical, you simply login as admin and from within the component you browse for the default exported XML file and upload.

It uses all the data to add players to the database of the site and records points, ranks, final tables made etc.

The component tallies leaderboards according to venue & season. So you can play at more than one place and keep each leaderboard seperate as well as having an overall leaderboard.

It is fully self contained. There are still a couple of minor things we are working through, but all in all it's exactly what I wanted and very easy for everyone I work with to use.  -> Results

There is also a module that displays the leaderboard on the front page. (not yet published).

As mentioned before in another thread, I got a few ideas from here there and everywhere to put this together.



PS. Not many events have been added as yet. This just went live now.

Hey. Jonho looks really good I like the overall look as it goes well with the theme. Good luck with the site and program it should be a big hit.

Thanks Skelly.

The players absolutely love it. We never inteded on recording points for our games. But i wish I had done from the start.

Excellent stuff.

This is exactly what I am talking about can this be used for any joomla install, can the modules be purchased.

Barry from shark-stats if your watching this thread this is what I would like to see your shark-stats develop into i.e where I can use my own hosting package and site instead of being hosted on yours.

can this be achieved.



--- Quote from: robertchas on May 29, 2009, 08:29:25 AM ---Excellent stuff.

This is exactly what I am talking about can this be used for any joomla install, can the modules be purchased.
--- End quote ---

I made sure they were designed to be installable on any joomla install for version 1.5 of joomla.

That being said they were developed for my personal preferences and use. But i'm looking at packaging them, and possibly offering them to other users. At this stage.. there are a few minor issues being ironsed out now we have a lot more data there.

Will keep you guys updated.


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