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I have been using TD for some time now but haven't really used any features beyond the basic ones.

I am now wanting to get into the advanced features etc.

anyway.. One thing i'd like to do is draw a random player when the final table starts and offer them a prize. I know how to do this, but is there a way I can show the randomised player on the extended display as a large text. So everyone can see?


Corey Cooper:
Well, you can choose the random player, then on the Controls tab press "Display Message" to enter an ad-hoc message to display in overlay fashion.


Not quite what I was after but thanks anyway.

I was looking for this also, i wanted to have the option to put in the layout, so when i press Go for the random, the randomizing we see would be shown in the layout and then you see the Player that win.

Seeing the randomizing is really important for us because we have huge field and we always want to be transparent when you do something like that. Player like to see the randomization, they feel more secure that the draw is real which is normal.

Would it be possible to have that option?

I believe this to be on Corey's To Do List as I asked for this before... ;-)


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