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Is there a way, or does anyone have a suggestion, of setting up repeating tournaments with standard settings?  For example, we have a 10-week season with 10 tournaments.  Every tourney is set up and run the same way, just the results are different.

Nice program so far!!

There's an option to set a default tournament setting.  What you do is set up a tournament then save it.  The option for the default tournament is under the preference tab.  All you have to do after that is once you've loaded the tournament, make sure to save it as a different file.  The option is at the bottom of the "Miscellaneous" section under the "Preferences" tab.

Dang-it!  How easy was that! 


Also one thing I would do is after every tournament save the template as the date of that tournament.  This will aid in tracking the results over the long run.

Wow these are some great ideas!!


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