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Another algebraic challenged player
« on: October 18, 2008, 09:46:46 AM »
Just to set the tone, it took me over 2 hours to "figure out' how to get this post up :-\

Corey, just ignore the e-mail I sent you, I found the button at the top of the forum list ???

My problem is as follows.  I run a bi-weekly tourney with up to 30 players.  the point system is simple.  Each player gets points for playing based on their final position.  First player out gets 1 point, second player gets 2 points, etc.  In addition, each time a player knocks another player out, they get an additional point.  The formula I used is as follows: (n-r)+1+nh.

The problem surfaced in our first game this season (August through June).  I came in third place in a tourney of 30 people and knocked out 6.  Paper and pencil tells me that I should have 28 position points (third place in field of 30) plus 6 hitman points for a total of 34.  My formula gave me 40 points, 6 extra.  I'm not complaining but the other players are perturbed.  Accusations that the scoring is fixed to ensure I accumulate more points to insure a seat in our final cahmpion tourney  ;)  I told them that is ridiculous, I'm just mathematically challenged  ;D 

My league members want to know how many points they received each tourney on a bi-weekly basis and, at the end of the season, we have awards for the person with the most hits, the person who lost the most $, and the top 10 people in total points play in a Tournament of Champions.  I am intuiting that the Stats tabs will accomplish this "housekeeping" for me. 

Finally, I am uploading each tourney to PokerDIY so my players can receive the stats the day after the tourney.  The league name is "Harry's Thursday Night Poker" if you are interested.

Any help on the formula and/or getting the results to my players would be welcome.


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Re: Another algebraic challenged player
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2008, 10:40:12 AM »
If you are just giving basic points for a hit, remove this bit fromyour formula +nh and in the box above where you input the formula is a box where it says points for hit, just place 1 in that box and you should have what you need, i think you would achieve the same if you put brackets () around the +nh but im the same as you when it comes to the math stuff! But if you want to do by formula im sure someone else will post for you.

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Re: Another algebraic challenged player
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2008, 12:25:13 AM »
I'm thinking what happened is he had that highlighted area filled in with 1 point and he had the nh in his formula... this would give him the 6 extra points... if this is the case all he would do is take the 1 point out of the points for hit and leave his formula alone

does this make sense to you, HScara?


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Re: Another algebraic challenged player
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2008, 10:29:22 AM »
I agree with Phaze, the equation seems correct:  Here is the "test" all I get for his equation.  I think there is an additional set of points being given from "points for hits" in the game tab.  I prefer to keep all the points for playing in the equation field rather than have the points being given from a bunch of different spots - then it is easier to see where points are coming from.

This "test all" shows what would happen if everyone had 6 hits, but it will only add the extra 6 points to the person who actually had 6 hits

1st, 30, 36.00
2nd, 29, 35.00
3rd, 28, 34.00
4th, 27, 33.00
5th, 26, 32.00
6th, 25, 31.00
7th, 24, 30.00
8th, 23, 29.00
9th, 22, 28.00
10th, 21, 27.00
11th, 20, 26.00
12th, 19, 25.00
13th, 18, 24.00
14th, 17, 23.00
15th, 16, 22.00
16th, 15, 21.00
17th, 14, 20.00
18th, 13, 19.00
19th, 12, 18.00
20th, 11, 17.00
21st, 10, 16.00
22nd, 9, 15.00
23rd, 8, 14.00
24th, 7, 13.00
25th, 6, 12.00
26th, 5, 11.00
27th, 4, 10.00
28th, 3, 9.00
29th, 2, 8.00
30th, 1, 7.00

Corey Cooper

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Re: Another algebraic challenged player
« Reply #4 on: October 21, 2008, 10:29:39 AM »
Just an FYI: the various inputs like "Points for hit" are provided for someone who wants to award points based on pretty simple criteria and does not want to have to mess with a formula.  But the software can't deduce that you've included the criteria for points based on number of hits in your formula (you could put some pretty complicated stuff in there), so if you include a value in the "points for hit" input, it will be included in each player's points total regardless of whether or not you've included some points based on number of hits in your Points for Playing formula (or, perhaps I should say "in addition to").